Want to go back!

Located on Trinidad’s Northern side, Maracas Beach is an hour’s breathtaking drive through the mountains from Port of Spain. It is considered one of the very best on the island because the bay out to sea protects the waters, making them relatively calm for bathing and setting the scene for some idyllic days on the sand.

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Karate kids on the Waterfront (2010)

Just realised I haven’t shared any of my photos on Facebook since I joined Tumblr this year. Hmm… I think I’ll throw ‘em a bone today. Give them something that’s actually interesting to look at, instead of the usual million profile pics or party/limin pics that people like (no pun intended) to upload. And yes, I’m fully aware of how vain this might sound. Lol.

Maybe someday I’ll even share my blog with them, but for now I like that none of my friends or family know it exists.

Peace out,


"These pics are really good!! Wow you have an awesome camera."

Thanks! Err wait…. I guess I’ll pass that compliment along to the camera. :/

Avocat Waterfall

I should be studying. But no, first I must check my gmail, hotmail, facebook, skype, messenger, and of course, tumblr accounts… sigh. At least my blackberry service is down (for now) - one less distraction :/

I left my heart in the pool yesterday :(

LOL. This is the definition of dotishness:


COOL YOUR HEAD- Hot Doubles-Ep 1 (by KirkBud)

Doubles vendor plying his trade but customers are disgusted when he urinates in front of them and dishes out channa onto doubles without a spoon.

Birthday card I made for a special someone.